Kate and Billy….. what an ADORABLE couple!!! I met these two love birds at another Marine couple’s wedding last year!  I am so very blessed to get to photograph amazing Marines and their beautiful, supportive wives. It’s an un rivaled bond! Their engagement session is even featured in my Wedding Info magazine!!

You may think I’m crazy while looking through these images, but it rained on and off the entire wedding day for this couple! I know – you can hardly tell! And personally, I think it’s because their happy spirits and love for each other shone like the sun on this beautiful Saturday afternoon! And let me tell you, it was all GORGEOUS! This was a Pinterest worthy back yard wedding! BACKYARD?? Why yes! This whole wedding was held on Katie’s sisters property and let me tell you, they couldn’t have picked a better venue! Everything was stunning! Katie got ready in a gorgeous white bedroom surround by her dearest friends and family. Then we headed down the the reception area where this couple said their I-do’s under a custom gazebo built JUST for the them!!! It was breath taking dark wood with a huge chandelier! It couldn’t have been any better fora rainy day wedding!

Heading into the reception, you could just FEEL the joyful vibe coming from every guest! They danced the night away under a big white tent filled with florals and twinkle lights! The night even ended with a surprise firework show! I could not be happier to have been included in such an amazing time in Katie and Billy’s lives. I wish them all the very best things this world has to offer and I know their bond will last the test of time!


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Let me tell you the story of Jenn and Stu! About a year ago I ventured down to Wilmington to meet with Jenn on what was probably the HOTTEST day of the summer lmao! I had my kiddo in tow and we met at a coffee shop in a beautiful little shopping center. It was pretty much belly laughs and good times from the first hello! After a little chatting back and forth we decided we were a good match and we were so right lol!  I got to meet Stu for the first time when I shot their engagement session (which was STUNNING btw!). And man, I almost didn’t make it through shoot because the cramps from laughing so hard were taking me over lol! This is THE most fun, hilarious couple I have ever had the pleasure of shooting!

Their wedding day started down by the bay with cool breezes and friends and family. Jenn and her girls got ready (with no shortage of giggles) while the guys put on their best attire! Nestled between two huge, gorgeous trees and over looking the water is where these two said their I-do’s! Watching Stu tear up seeing Jenn coming down the isle made me LOOSE it!!! It was so very romantic! Their love is so strong that it overflows onto everyone around them! After exchanging rings and having that first kiss as a married couple, they danced the night away under twinkle lights! All in all, it was one perfect day!

I am so blessed to have been picked by this couple!! It truly felt as if I was just there to capture this beautiful moment between two of my dear friends. They treated me like family and I couldn’t have asked to work for better people than Jenn and Stu! I wish you both all the good this world has to offer!




Meet my husband Revelle… and his best friend of about 12 years now, Nicole! These two met at a party a long time ago and have been inseparable ever since. I don’t know that I have ever met 2 more hilarious people in my life, and when they are together the laughs are non stop. They have seen each other through good times and bad, weddings, moves, new jobs, breakups, highs and lows and even tho they may SEEM an “odd couple” , they are clearly meant to be friends!

When they asked me to do a BFF photo shoot for them while Nicole was here to visit, OF COURSE I said yes. I mean he is my husband and I would do anything for him, but I also KNEW it would be hilarious! This was something so new for me but I really ended up LOVING IT!






This… THIS, is why I am a wedding photographer. For people and stories like this one.

When I first met Taylor and Brad I KNEW that we were a match made in heaven lol! We got to shoot their stunning engagement session on her grandfather land in THE most beautiful golden field I have ever seen! September 2016  FINALY rolls around and it’s time for me to head to Raleigh to document their wedding day!!! I was so incredibly excited, because by now Taylor and Brad were not just clients, they were dear friends! When you get to work with people who are so crazy, madly in love, and so perfect for each other, it makes my job a non job… it’s a honor. It is a blessing to be allowed to be beside the bride during the most special and important day of their lives. You get to be there to cry when she cries and laugh when she laughs, help her with her dress and find her earrings. And most importantly you GET to capture all the special moments that make up their big day!

Taylor and Brad got married in downtown Raleigh, NC. When I met them at the hotel, it was like seeing family that I hadn’t seen in…. well a month lol (I shot Taylor’s sister in a styled session a month earlier and Kristina and Taylor’s mom came to hang with us during the session- did I mention they are like family?? lol). All the girls were getting ready and laughing as I shot all the pretty little details of Taylor’s outfit. Before we knew it, it was time for Taylor to put on her stunning Watters gown. When her best friend walked into the room to help her with her shoes there was not a dry eye in the house! You see, these two have best the absolute BEST friends since they were little girls in dance class. Kristina had the most beautiful tear filled moment looking up at her best friend. Knowing that she had never looked more beautiful or happy than she did in that moment. Did I mention I CRIED with these people lol!!! Special moments with her bridesmaids, her mother, father and mother in law (to be) all followed as this stunning bride prepared to say “I do!”.

The ceremony and reception were held at The Stockroom at 203 in beautiful downtown Raleigh. This venue is AMAZING!!!! Brick walls, twinkle lights, crystal chandeliers and a wall of windows…can we say #AllTheHeartEyes?!?! I waited with the other guests ( and I swear I was just as anxious) for Taylor to come down the isle. After the bridal party and two adorable little cuties made their way down the isle, Taylor made her entrance. Y’all… I was bawling lol!!! Their ceremony was so honest and sweet. They said I do under beautiful draped fabric, tied back with fresh flowers as their friends and family looked on, smiles on every face!

Now you know what happens next! During the family photos the staff of The Stockroom at 203 totally flipped the venue into an awesome reception hall!!! Delicious food was served, drinks were flowing and HELLO they had one bite cupcakes!! Yum!!! The awesome lady boss DJ’s from All Events DJ’s, announced the bride and groom and to my surprise, out comes Taylor with her hair down, her dress bustled and the most GORGEOUS floral crown ever! (If you know me, you know I am mildly obsessed with floral crowns). And she knew I would love it lmao! I got the “wink wink” from her as she passed me to have her dance with her new husband! Watching the love on their faces as they held each other close, and danced their first dance as a married couple was so magical. (Brad MAY have even shed a tear or two lol). But lets be honest, so did I lol! After the sweetness…. It was time to PARTY!! To say this crew knows how to party is the understatement of the century! After some heart felt toasts, the rest of the night was just as much fun for me as it was the rest of the guests! They danced and laughed and sang the night away to celebrate the marriage of two people they all loved so dearly!

Taylor and Brad said goodnight to all their friends and family with a magical sparkler exit and were wisked away in a rickshaw! I could not have been more lucky to have gotten to work with these amazing people. They truly all feel like family to me. That doesn’t happen with every couple you get the joy of working with. Not every family and group of friends welcomes you as with open arms as a person and not just the hired help.

Thank you Brad and Taylor for being so amazing. For being so loving and kind to not only to each other, but to your friends, family and even little ole’ me! I absolutely adore the both of you and I LOVE your love!!!! I wish you every moment of happiness in the world, because you deserve it and SO much more. And don’t forget….. never stop dancing!

xoxo Ryan


Florist: North Raleigh Events       Dress: Watters    Venue: The Stockroom at 203        DJ: All Events DJs     Lighting: Themeworks

I met this sweet couple and her parents at a coffee shop in Raleigh back in January. Right away I was just crazy about this couple! The were just so cute and totally in love and they were just adorable to watch interact! How did they hear about me? Through friends that I grew up going to church with! It was so fun to get to work with their family AND see old friends during their wedding day. After saying their heart felt “I-do’s” in a big beautiful church, this couple had a Olive Garden catered (omg yum!) dinner and danced the night away!



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Ahh….. the color blush, flowing dresses, romantic words and toes in the sand. Some of this gal’s favorite things in the world. So that made Regan and Joe’s intimate beach wedding a dream for me to get to be a part of!!!

Every wedding, big or small deserves to have beautiful photographs so that the bride and groom can have tangible pieces of art to look back on, and cherish  forever. That’s why I was so excited when Regan asked me to come capture her wedding moments!

These two love birds had a sweet ceremony on the beach surrounded by their closest family and friends. I absolutely love the magic of  being watching as two separate families became one. Watching Regan and Joe say their vows and smile the smiles of true love, their kids by their sides was an absolute joy! They even had a Marine Corps Osprey fly over right as they had the big kiss during the ceremony! Timing could not have been better!!




Walt and Megan…. By far one of my most very favorite wedding couples of all time! These two were just amazing from the get go!

When Megan contacted me about photographing their wedding, I had NO clue I would end up feeling like a friend and part of the family by the end of the day! I packed all my gear and my second shooter, Emma into the car one sunny afternoon and headed to Maryland! I was not ready for  the incredible views and country side we would be driving into! It was BREATHTAKING y’all!!! Emma and I were LITERALLY dying to pull the car over and go into complete selfie over load, but we refrained so that we could get to our hotel:)

We showed up to Megan’s huge presidential sweet the next morning to get started on documenting their big day. Emma hung around and snapped a few shots of me doing Megan’s makeup ( I pulled double duty for my sweet bride when her MUA fell through) and then it was time to strap up and get behind the camera! Emma headed over to hang with the boys while they got gussied up and I spent time with Megan, her mom and the “lavender ladies” aka her bridesmaids! It was absolutely touching to see Megan and her mom interact while she helped her put on her shoes, and jewelry…. there is always this one moment where  it really hits mom and daughter that it’s really real! The “this is it! I’m getting married” moment. UGH! It’s one of my favorites!

We then headed through the hillside to Ostertag Vistas for their ceremony and reception! You guys… it was just AMAZING! I have never seen a place like this before! This venue is located close to Camp David and is surrounded by HUGE weeping willows, bubbling creeks, the softest flowy grasses. It was beautiful!

Walt and Megans ceremony was supposed to be held under one of those glorious willow trees, but last minute the rain came. But it was ok!!! We packed into the romantically lit downstairs room and held back tears while Megan and Walt pronounced their un-dying love in front of all of their friends and family. They also built a wooden box together while saying their vows to symbolize the things they can accomplish as a couple if they are dedicated to being team. That was something so different and special and I loved that detail of their ceremony so much!

Their reception was held in a fabulously decorated and twinkle light adorned barn on the side of the hill. Some amazingly touching and hilarious speeches were given, toasts made, amazing food was eaten and the couple and their guests danced the night away!

We all love a good send off, and Megan’s idea of having her guests throw lavender was just super unique and fitting for this lavender infused wedding! The sent of lavender FILLED the air as the couple said their goodbyes and headed off to start their lives as husband and wife! Thank you so much Walt, Megan and your families for inviting us to come capture the specials moments of your big day and for truly making Emma and I feel so very special and welcomed! It really touched my heart and I consider you all friends! Also a big shout out to Thuis Studios for also becoming such good friends and for  being so incredibly amazing to work along side!!



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Because I just love them and the amazing work they do so much, here is Thuis Studio’s beautiful video from Walt and Megans big day!!

R Shedrick Artistry   |   Thuis Studios   |   Ostertag Vistas   |   AK Productions Mobile Disk Jockey


Katie and Billy…… where do I even begin? A few months ago I shot a wedding for one of my adorable RSPCouples { Jas & Nick } and this handsome fellow just so happen to be one of his groomsmen:) As I photographed the wedding reception I just couldn’t help but notice how stinking adorable and in love this pretty blonde and her Marine were on the dance floor. Just one of those couples who is in their own world and has a love and happiness that is just contagious? That’s Katie and Billy! I remember thinking “Man …. I would have loved to shoot their wedding” and it turns out…. I AM!!!

My RSPCouples get a complimentary 2 hour engagement session with their wedding package and I think it’s such a great time to see who they are, their personal style and get to know them better before the wedding day! Super excited to share their amazingly romantic and “Notebook-esque” engagement session with you and to be part of their love story from now until they say I do!

(Check out the custom floral head piece made by yours truly for Katie!)



I had such a wonderful time with the Vargas family the other day! This big family of 7 was an absolute JOY to work with! I have never had such an easy time working with a group of kids! These guys have a special place in my heart. Something you may not know about me, is that I was adopted when I was younger. Stacey and her husband are adoptive parents which means they are part of a special tribe of people that I am blessed to be a part of also! It is an amazing gift and not everyone is special enough to give or receive it!




I loved this session SO MUCH! Kelsey and Dustyn were just the sweetest couple. When people are a little shy but really love each other, the most magical little moment happen when you just kinda sit back and let them be themselves. It could not have been a more beautiful day! Ironically I had gotten a message from Kelsey earlier in the day wondering if it was going to be dreary since it had rained But we had beautiful sunny weather! I loved the outfit choices these two made! I mean who DOESN’T love a man in his Blues?? Well the Marine wearing them lol, but us ladies just can’t get enough of our men in uniform! And hello red heels! So much cuteness!